“Pasta & Shrimp made w/ 3 bought store items mixed w/ pantry inventory”
20 ounces

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  1. in a 2qt sauce add chiken broth, milk, 1/4 tsp salt, bring to a boil,
  2. after broth boils, add pasta and cook on low heat for 6-8 minutes, then drain in colander without rinsing. the milk adds a little creamyness.
  3. thaw shrimp under cold water for 5 minutes, maybe a little more, set aside for adding after your fry pan, oil and butter have heated.(I have a little steamer I used for mine steaming them for about 12 minutes & sprinkling them with garlic salt, butter spuds sprinkles.I don't know if the butter spuds added anything,)
  4. Coat a 10" fry pan with oil adding the 2 tbl butter to melt, add more butter for more desired creaminess. while stirring add the spices, garlic salt or powder, onion flakes, red pepper & sesame seeds to the oil, hold black pepper & salt till adding the pasta
  5. over low to medium heat add the shrimp, pasta, then sprinkle the salt and black pepper in mixing well, cover for 2 -3 minutes unless you have any excess water from the shrimp to cook off, take out or add your spice to suite your taste, serve hot on a plate.
  6. This was inspired by those with dysfunctional schedules, you can make your family a nice dish with ingredients & spices found at the dollar store, I also like learning, tweak, add some tips, Thanks.

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