"dressed Up" Greek-Style Salad

“This is a variation of another "dressed-up" salad I make for special occasions. This one is for my occasional "Irish Girl's Greek Night" parties, The salad makes an outstanding presentation by being totally covered with colorful vegetable rings with a circular dollop of feta cheese in the center. After everyone ooos and aaahs, toss it and serve with your favorite Greek dressing. I use a portion of Mediterranean-Style Salad Dressing, the remainder of which stores nicely in frig. I hope you enjoy this very pretty twist of a green salad recipe. (NOTE -- Amounts below are realistic but not written in stone. Measurements also depend on the size of the salad bowl and amount of greens in it, since the salad's "wardrobe" has to totally cover top of greens!) I have also used thinly-sliced celery and/or small pieces of cauliflower as part of the ring wardrobe!”

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  1. Cut red onion in half, then slice thinly. Prepare other vegetables.
  2. Place torn romaine/greens in serving bowl, keeping top as smooth a layer as possible. Salt and pepper greens to your liking.
  3. Starting at edge of bowl, make circular rings of sliced onion, then tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, olives and in the center a dollop of feta cheese.
  4. Cover with plastic wrap until ready to serve then present with Greek salad dressing of your choice served on the side.

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