“This is for pomodorini, or cherry tomatoes, to be used in sauces, pastas and pizzas. It's not a dish in itself, but an ingredient for other dishes. If you don't have access to sweet cherry tomatoes, use romas or a meaty-type tomato. These should be softer and moister than tomatoes sun-dried or dried in a food dehydrator.”
3hrs 10mins
1/2 pound

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Cut tomatoes in half.
  2. Place them cut side down on a baking sheet.
  3. Place in the oven overnight with the pilot light on.
  4. Alternatively, heat oven to lowest setting.
  5. Place tomatoes on baking sheet in oven for approximately 3 hours, or until dry.
  6. For Romas or other types of tomato:.
  7. Slice very thinly and place on clean towels or paper towels to drain.
  8. After the slices have stopped juicing, treat them just as for cherry tomatoes.

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