Drop Dumplings (For Chicken Soup)

“I grew up with my mother making a plain version of these all winter long. I could just eat a plate of the dumplings alone and forget the soup; I liked them that much. Now I make them for my kids and add different ingredients to change the flavors.”
20 dumplings

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  1. Mix together first three ingredients being sure to get all flour evenly incorporated into mix.
  2. Crush the rosemary leaves in the palm of your hand to break them up and release the oils and add to the mix along with the cheese.
  3. While mixing the dumplings; bring your soup or broth to a slow soft boil.
  4. Take two kitchen tablespoons and use them to drop tablespoons of dumpling mix into your broth by spooning up mix then using other spoon to roll it into the soup.
  5. Do not over crowd your soup with raw dumplings or they will stick together.
  6. Move around the pot as you drop to allow the dumpling to start to set before another raw one is dropped next to it.
  7. Cook at a slow boil for about 15 minutes to allow the dumplings to cook through and absorb some of the chicken flavoring from the broth.
  8. NOTE: You can change the cheese flavor with another hard cheese and use other types of herbs to create your own blend of flavors.
  9. Re Comment on thicknss of dumplings -- tis true this is a very thick style dumpling (my mothers side of family is russian and this is more their style I guess). You can certainly add abit more liquid to thin it out but it is still going to be a heavier dumpling than the roll out style.

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