Dudhbari (Sweetened Milk Balls in Pistachio-Flavored Cream Syrup

“This is a very popular Nepali dessert preparation which consists of sweetened milk balls in pistachio-flavored cream syrup.”
1hr 30mins

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  1. In a large sauce pan, heat milk; bring to a boil.
  2. Add vinegar and give a gentle swirl.
  3. The milk solids will have formed.
  4. Separate solids from liquid by straining through a colander lined with a cheese cloth.
  5. Allow to drain for a few hours.
  6. Transfer the milk solids into a mixing bowl and combine with sugar, ground cardamom and melted butter.
  7. Make 1/2-in balls from the mixture.
  8. Reserve the milk balls in a non-reactive pan.
  9. In a sauce pan pour cream; add cardamom, rose water, sugar, salt, pistachio and almond slivers.
  10. Allow to simmer slowly, constantly stirring, until the cream mixture has thickened into a syrupy consistency.
  11. Remove from heat; allow to cool.
  12. Pour the syrup mixture into a blender and process into a smooth sauce; coarser if desired.
  13. Finally, pour the syrup over the milk balls in the pan.
  14. To serve, put a few cubes in a serving bowl, add some cream sauce, topped with whole pistachio.

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