Easy Brunswick Stew

“This brunswick stew is really easy to make, don't take much time and only makes about 8-10 quarts. I use my crock pot to cook the meat over night. This way there is not much to do the next day. I also don't use very much hot sauce since some family members don't like it as hot as others. I always have the bottle of hot sauce out for adding while at the table. I have this recipe down to a science where it feeds my family of 8 with very little left over. Also freezes well.”
4hrs 30mins
8-10 Quarts

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. The night before I make this brunswick stew I placed the beef and the chicken in my crock pot with alot of water (about 3/4 of the crock pot is filled with meat and water). Cook on low all night.
  2. Next morning, strain meat (set aside) and put liquid in stock pot on stove over med high heat. Add chopped onions and potatoes to the broth. Cook until tender. When tender, chop with a potato masher. Cook until it starts to become thick.
  3. While onions & potatoes are cooking, chop meat up until no chunks are found. Add to onion & potato mixture.
  4. Add remaining ingredients. Rinse tomato cans with 1/4 can water and add to stew.
  5. Cook on low or simmer for 4-5 hours.

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