“This recipe was actually made up by a quadriplegic guy that I used to care for when I was a private duty nurse. He would sit in his wheelchair in the kitchen and dictate every thing I was to do (even though I knew how), so that he felt like he was doing it all.”

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  1. Cut up chicken breasts into bite sized chunks and saute in a little oil or butter until cooked through.
  2. While chicken is cooking, prepare the alfredo noodles in a large dutch oven, following package directions.
  3. Steam the frozen broccoli in another pan using a steamer, or cook it in a pan until just done.** (Steaming is better for retaining nutrients.).
  4. When all three are done, add the chicken and broccoli to the alfredo noodles.
  5. Mix well and serve with some fresh French bread from the deli.
  6. **Another thing you can do to steam the broccoli is to place it in a metal colander, and place the colander resting inside the dutch oven over the cooking noodles with a lid over the top. Convenient, eh?

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