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Easy Very Tasty No-Bake Choco-Peanut Butter Fudge Oat Cookies

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“Bored of the same old chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies? Well help is here! Fudgy oatmeal cookies that melt in your mouth with an after chew. The PERFECT balance of sweet chocolate and slightly salty peanut butter. SO fast and easy to make (but EXTREMELY delicious!). These are the cookies I’m famous for… I bring them everywhere and get such a great response due to the amazing yet unique taste and texture. Great for ALL ages! (Check out the tasty ideas at the end if you’re making these with/for kids for even more fun).”
12-24 cookies

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  1. - Have the cocoa, peanut butter, and oats pre-measured out before start and laid aside as they will be needed quickly.
  2. - Also lay about 2 feet of tin foil out on the counter in advance (ungreased).
  3. - Begin by putting white sugar, milk, and butter/margarine in cooking pot on the stove.
  4. - Turn fire on medium-low and stir continuously.
  5. - Wait for things to heat up and you want to adjust the fire to keep it at the perfect level, which is tiny, tiny bubbles slowly coming up almost like its on the verge of beginning to boil. (If there are bubbles everywhere and things are starting rumble, it’s too high).
  6. Note: Very important to NOT overcook as sugar burns easily and tastes awful.
  7. - Once it’s at the “perfect level,” stir constantly for about 2 minutes than turn fire off but keep pot in place.
  8. - Drop in cocoa and quickly stir until all chunks are out.
  9. - Drop in peanut butter and stir until completely melted and stirred inches.
  10. - Drop in oats and stir in completely.
  11. - Quickly remove and using spoon, begin scooping up/dropping globs onto foil depending on size desired (I prefer a little over a tablespoon).
  12. - Let sit uncovered for 20 minutes, allowing them to harden up.
  13. - Once hardened, wash hands and scoop a little bit of creamy peanut butter onto tip of pointer finger.
  14. - Lightly and gently dab the top of a cookie with the tip of your finger and lift up, leaving a tiny Hershey-kiss shaped pile. Do this 8-10 times all over the top of each cookie (scooping up more onto finger as needed).
  15. Note: The amount done depends on taste; it just adds a hint of salty peanut butter taste on the top. You can easily break a test cookie in thirds to “test” 3 different amounts to find desired taste.
  16. - Once done, leave uncovered for a few hours before wrapping up. This allows peanut butter to dry-out and harden on top.
  17. - Eat and enjoy!
  19. ~ Make a batch but with every cookie unique, adding special things on top before hardening such as caramel candies, mini-marshmallows, raisins, white chocolate kisses, coconut, cashews, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, dark chocolate M&Ms, candy corn, frosting.etc!
  20. ~ Divide everything all the ingredients by 3 to make 3 different pots then take each pot and use a different filler; batch #1 using oats, batch #2 using rice crispies, cereal, and batch #3 using frosted corn flakes!
  21. ~ Use bigger globs and after putting each one down, push a small Reese peanut butter cup in the middle instead of dabbing peanut butter on after done!
  22. ~ Use ½ cup extra oats and 3 ½ inch globs and after putting each one down, push in 3 robin egg candies to make “robins nests!”
  23. ~ To holiday-ify, get small candy-coated Hershey kisses, pick out holiday’s colors (ex: red, green, & white for christmas) and right after putting each glob down, push a few onto the top of each cookie!
  24. ~ Instead of using globs, flatten with a spoon into ¼ inch thick 3in square or circle and later use in place of chocolate bar when making yummy s'mores!
  25. NOTE: You'll see I used specific brand names for 2 things. The peanut butter because after using a few brands, me and others agreed that this one definitely tasted the best for the cookies. The oats because other brands such as Quaker were MUCH different textured and were hard and completely ruined the taste or texture of the entire experience. So following these aren't required but very recommended.

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