“Savory eggplant stuffed with cottage cheese baked in tomato sauce. I often make this with Italian sausage in the sauce as an incentive to my husband, who doesn't care much for eggplant. For the sauce, you can basically use any sauce you like, but the rosemary really sets it off. This is a little fussy, but worth it if you like eggplant!”
1hr 30mins

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  1. Cut eggplant to 1/4 inch thickness, brush both sides with olive oil, and bake on a sheet pan at 400 degrees, about seven minutes on each side. Eggplant should be sealed and partially cooked. Set aside.
  2. For sauce, combine chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce (I usually use two jars of canned tomatoes, drained & pureed, instead of the fresh & sauce, but use what you have!), pepper, rosemary, mace, basil, parsley, and brown sugar. Cook till thickened, about a half hour.
  3. Mix the filling--cottage cheese, egg, parmesan, and rosemary.
  4. Layer the ingredients in a loaf pan--half the sauce, half the eggplant, filling, remaining eggplant & remaining sauce.
  5. Bake at 350°F for a half hour or so until the filling is set.

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