Eggs & Caramelized Onion Appetizer

“This is served warm and is everyone's favorite. When someone eats this for the first time they look and think "eggs?" especially if they're not an egg salad fan (which I am absolutely not) but they eat it and then they want the recipe, it's so good "so try it, try it, it's not green eggs and ham!".”
1hr 5mins

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  1. Dice the onion into small pieces and saute' in a frying pan with several spoonfuls of oil on a very low flame.
  2. Stir the onions every five minutes for about 30 minutes or until nicely browned (but not burned) and very soft (the onions should not be crunchy at all) adding oil as needed.
  3. Coarsely chop the still warm eggs directly in the pan with the onions adding a little oil so it'll hold it's shape when served.
  4. Add a little salt and pepper to taste but don't skimp on the salt as that really brings out the flavor.
  5. With an ice cream scooper serve scoops of the warm eggs on a leaf of lettuce or kale.
  6. Enjoy!

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