Eggs Suisse a La East Texas

“An absolutely divine brunch dish -- easier than Eggs Benedict and possibly better.”
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  1. In a small omelet pan or other small nonstick skillet melt 1 T. butter.
  2. When butter is melted and just sizzling add 1/2 C Heavy Cream. Warm, but do not boil, cream. Crack eggs into a saucer, one at a time, and carefully slip both into pan. Sprinkle with Salt, Black and/or Cayenne Pepper to taste.
  3. Reduce heat a bit so eggs will cook slowly.
  4. Turn oven broiler to high. Set rack about 6" from broiler.
  5. Toast 2 slices of bread to your desired doneness then butter generously (should be done in a countertop toaster, not oven). Place 1 slice Swiss Cheese and 1 slice Ham on each piece of buttered toast.
  6. Place toast pieces (with ham and cheese slices, ham on top) under broiler and broil until ham begins to brown a bit and cheese melts around the edges -- you can't see the cheese very well since it is covered with the ham, but the edges should be visible.
  7. Turn broiler off, but leave toast in oven with door ajar until ready to use.
  8. Continue to cook eggs slowly until the whites are nearly firm. Sprinkle 2 T. grated Swiss Cheese on top of eggs and continue to cook until whites are firm, but not rubbery. The yolk should still be runny.
  9. To serve, place 1 egg over each piece of toast, and pour cream from the pan over the egg. The cream will have thickened into a nice sauce.
  10. Serve immediately.

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