“Quick, easy and tasty! Bit like french toast, but you can add so many different things to it... If I have had a really long day there really is nothing better than a piece of eggy bread or two drizzled with syrup and a cup of tea...”
4 pieces of eggie bread

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  1. Place a knob of butter in a frying pan and let it melt (alternatively you could use a tbsp of olive oil). Crack the eggs into a glass dish and beat lightly with a fork until the yolks are broken. Add pepper/salt to taste, you could even add in ham or greens to be healthy.
  2. Place a slice of bread in the egg mixture and let it soak for about a minute before flipping over and coating the otherside. It may get soggy if the bread is left too long and not thick enough, so it depends on how eggie you want it :) Then, place it into the hot frying pan and give it about 2 minutes both sides until it is lightly brown. If for breakfast, you could serve it with a glass of orange juice and maple syrup with a dusting of confectioners sugar. Up to you entirely. Baked beans are also a good with it :).
  3. Handy aswell, as the time it takes to cook a piece of bread is the same as soaking another. Means you don't have to wait around and leave one to get cold.

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