Eier Schuh Aka Irish Stew

“When I was little, my German mom would serve this delicious one-pot dish. She called it Eier Schuh which translates to: Eggs Shoe. Makes no sense, right? Well, when she was a little girl in Ostfriesland, Germany, her brother had a penpal in England who described Irish Stew to him. This is how my Grandmother interpreted the ingredients. My mom misunderstood the pronunciation and "Irish Stew" sounds kind of like "Eier Schuh" . It doesn't seem like any Irish Stew I've ever seen, but it is easy, cheap and yummy! Amounts of ingredients are approximate - suit yourself!”

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  1. Cut cabbage into thin slices, put into bowl of salted water, set aside.
  2. Peel and slice potatoes.
  3. Put large handfuls of cabbage into a dutch oven until the bottom is covered. (Make sure a lot of water goes in with the cabbage.).
  4. Cover cabbage with a layer of potato slices.
  5. Crumble ground beef over potato layer.
  6. Season beef with celery salt, salt and pepper.
  7. Continue making layers until ingredients are used up.
  8. End with a layer of cabbage.
  9. Cook on low heat until cabbage and potatoes are tender. Mash everything together with potato masher. Check that ingredients do not stick to bottom of pan - periodically add a little water. Continue to cook until flavors are blended - taste!

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