Elena Ruz Sandwich (Cuban Turkey Sandwich)

“This is a strange combination, but trust me, it is very good! The story goes that Elena Ruz, a society young socialite for which the sandwich is named, would stop at this little all-night restaurant, El Carmelo, in Vedado neighborhood in Havana Cuba, after leaving the dance with her group of friends. She asked the waiter if he could fix her this sandwich after she told them how to make it. After that she would always ask for the Elena Ruz Sandwich and to this day that is how the sandwich is known. This recipe has been printed on many of the Cuban Food web sites. It is great for leftover turkey. Update 03/13/2006 you can also use sweet rolls(the kind you use for a media noche). However, the real McCoy is white bread without crusts and lightly toasted and then the cream cheese would be spread, then the turkey and strawberry jelly on the other slice and voila!”
1 sandwich

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 2 slice white bread, toasted & crusts removed
  • 113.39 g sliced fresh cooked turkey
  • 14.79 ml cream cheese
  • 14.79 ml strawberry preserves or 14.79 ml jam or 14.79 ml strawberry jelly


  1. Spread 1 slice of toasted white bread generously with cream cheese and the other slice with the strawberry preserves.
  2. Place the turkey slices in the middle, close and ENJOY!

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