“Because where he gets his water, it don't come seasoned.”
2hrs 5mins
1 quart

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  1. Place water in saucepan- very simple; this ain't rocket science, folks.
  2. Use your knob to heat the water on low (turn the heat up if you don't have 2 hours to spend, but-2 hours is really a food of love thing; drinking 2 beers ought to do it).
  3. (I said to myself: self!) relax and get one of those cold frozen things- it will make you happy, happy, happy.
  4. Don't jack the fire up to high unless you are on good terms with the fire department (but if you do start a fire- don't run out as fast as you can to remodel your house- stick around!).
  5. That's what those lines are on there for.
  6. Heat to a boil- oh yeah babe (really hot!).
  7. Season with salt, pepper, and Essence (BAM!).
  8. Fork a lemon if it turns you on.
  9. Add a pinch of cinnaminnamom to kick it up a notch.
  10. You could put in 30-40 cloves of garlic, or a ham hock, because pork fat rules!
  11. Add a teaspoon of heavy cream if it thrills you, because somebody has to keep the Dairy Farmers of America in business.
  12. And there you have it- use water where called for in Cajun recipes.

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