Endive and Fennel Salad With Mint and Orange-Blossom Dressing

“Shamelessly swiped from the 'net ... a recipe by Ptolemy Mann. “This is one of my favourite salads, simple and clean, and very refreshing for the taste buds,” Mann says. It’s a perfect palate-cleanser after the terrine. The wonderfully tart, fresh dressing has a sweetness because of the honey and orange blossom. Mann refuses to use vinegar in her dressing, relying on lemon and lime – “It’s so much subtler.””

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  1. Slice an inch off the stem of the endives and the outer leaves will fall away. Peel away the others until just the cores are left. Slice the cores into quarters. Rinse the leaves, then pat them dry and place in a large bowl.
  2. Cut the fennel bulbs in half and slice into semicircular slivers, right up to and including the fluffy green part. Add to the endives, along with the mint leaves.
  3. For the dressing, pound the garlic using a pestle and mortar until it starts to break down. Slowly add the olive oil and stir with the pestle, then add the lemon and lime juice. The ratio of lemon to oil is a personal preference, so experiment. Next, add the honey and orange-blossom water, and season. Toss into the salad just before serving.

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