Epicurean Pork Platter

“Developed for RSC #10. This is an attractive way to serve a complete dinner in the style of today's restaurant dishes. Read it through so you're not put off by the list of ingredients, as it's easy to make and every component can wait in a warming oven, so you don't have to do it all at once. Serve this, and take a bow: you're a chef now!!!! The prep and cooking times are guesses, as it all depends on the individual cook.”
1hr 15mins

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  1. Start the onion marmalade first: heat oil in a heavy-bottomed skillet and fry the onions over medium heat, stirring, until they soften.
  2. Then add the soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. Stir well, turn heat low so onions won't burn. Stir now and then and don't put on a lid.
  3. Break up the pecans into halves or large pieces, and add to the onions when very soft and done.
  4. While onions fry, prepare the spinach or chard by (if raw and chopped) pushing into a large pot, covering with lid, and cooking until wilted and tender. If using frozen, defrost and reheat. The quantity given above is for raw rather than frozen: you want 6 smallish helpings so use your own judgment here.
  5. When the spinach is almost cooked (or you heat frozen spinach) add the golden raisins. When cooked, drain, and force out excess water by pushing down on it in a sieve or colander over the sink. When as dry as possible, add salt and nutmeg and fork through. Turn into a dish and keep warm.
  6. For the apple component, slice the unpeeled apples into neat half moons about 1/2 inch thick, cutting out the centre pips. (If your apples are small, use a 3rd one).
  7. In a small saucepan over medium heat mix the butter, lemon juice and maple syrup. Add the apple slices and turn over and over until all have been in contact with the sauce. Do this only until the apple slices are lukewarm -- do not cook. Remove and keep warm.
  8. In oil, fry the pork chops as you normally do, but take care not to overcook them. Use high heat so they colour nicely (butter added to the pan oil helps), salt lightly, and take them off the heat while they are still slightly springy when prodded with a utensil or finger. Take off heat.
  9. (Optional and not part of recipe: in the meantime cook barley to serve as a carb!).
  10. To serve: use warmed plates! Put a helping of spinach on each plate, top with a pork chop, and put a small spoonful of onion marmalade on the chop. Arrange some apple slices alongside and, if used, a helping of cooked barley -- or simply boiled baby potatoes.
  11. (A large salad of mixed lettuces should also be served).

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