“A friend gave me this recipe many years ago. It just wouldn't be summer without making a batch of this when the peaches are ripe. This makes a 5 quart (ice cream pail) full of summer goodness and will keep indefinitely. I have made this in the summer and still had some at Christmas, although most of the time it doesn't last that long! Note: Cooking time is freezing time.”
24hrs 20mins
5 quarts

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 8 fresh peaches, washed and coarsely chopped
  • 283.49 g frozen orange juice
  • 283.49 g frozen lemonade
  • 1892.72 ml water
  • 1304.07 g apricot nectar
  • 1000.0 ml peach schnapps


  1. Wash and coarsely chop peaches, set aside.
  2. Stir together remaining ingredients in 5 quart pail until mixed.
  3. Stir in chopped peaches.
  4. Put lid on pail and freeze at least 24 hours.
  5. Check about half way through freezing time and stir to distribute peaches in the mixture.
  6. To serve.
  7. Remove from freezer and let set about 30 minutes to an hour.
  8. Scoop out of pail with ice cream scoop and fill glass about 2/3 full with slush mixture.
  9. Top with 7-up or Squirt -- do not use Sprite as it gives it an "off" taste.
  10. Enjoy!

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