“YOU DO NOT NEED VINEGAR PENNIES, ZAAR WOULD NOT LET ME PUBLISH THIS RECIPE BECAUSE PENNIES ARE'NT A FOOD SO I SAID VINEGAR PENNIES! I have no idea why or how this works but it does! Our garbage can is right outside of our kitchen door and when you went out the door you could usually count on a fly or two getting in the house. Since we've hung this by the door, there is not one fly! We've got them at different places now in the back yard where we spend a lot of time. There's two on our back porch and not one fly is on the porch. Theres one hanging from the big umbrella over our chairs and there are what I call the stupid "teenage flies" that will occasionally bug the heck out of you but nothing like it used to be. We're having company over Saturday for a backyard bbq so I'm anxious to see how it works for that, we'll hang one from the tree over the table. I don't know if its the reflection of the pennies in the water or what that makes it work. If you try this let me know how it works for you.”
1 Bag

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 6 vinegar, pennies
  • 1 ziploc bag
  • 1 -2 cup water, to 1/2 fill the bag


  1. Fill the bag 1/2 way with water.
  2. Put three pennies in each corner.
  3. Close the bag and make a hole in the middle up past the ziplock.
  4. Put string or fishing line in the hole and then hang it up.
  5. It may take a day to notice the difference.

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