“My husbands Grandmother shared this with us years and years ago. We had a large stand of corn in the garden and it worked great! We refined it a bit which makes it more friendly when we get it out to cook.”
12 however ears

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 12 fresh ears of corn
  • water (for cooking)


  1. The Original Instructions:.
  2. Cut off the stalk end of the corn cob (leave enough so that you don't loose the husks.
  3. Pull the husks back to the stalk end of the corn. Remove the silk. Pull the husks back over the ear of corn.
  4. Using rubber bands wrap around the husks to "seal" them closed. Now simply freeze.
  5. Refined Instructions:.
  6. Trim corn cobs as needed.
  7. Pull off husks and silk.
  8. Place in bags for freezing. (Many times we just use the plastic grocery bags we have saved.)
  9. Place bags in Freezer.
  10. To cook for both methods:.
  11. Bring water to boil. Remove corn from freezer. (If using the original method remove the husks.) Place in boiling water. Cook until done as you would with fresh corn.
  12. I know this goes against the grain about prepping corn by blanching etc. But it really works great. There is no change in taste from fresh to frozen. I bet you won't even be able to tell the difference between fresh and frozen.

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