French Onion Beef Au Jus

“This is a fabulous recipe for an open faced French Onion Beef Au Jus sandwich. This is truly a knife-and-fork sandwich. I have made this countless times, and have no idea where I got the original recipe, or why I have never posted it here. It can be made in the oven, or crockpot. I have made it both ways, depending on how much time I have, and really notice no difference. One little tip I can share, is when you are toasting your bread in the oven, slice a small sliver off the bottom (round side) of the bread to make a flatter surface, that way when you pile on the beef, onion, and cheese the sandwich won't tip over when you put it back in the oven to melt the cheese. (it keeps it from being top-heavy).”
2hrs 10mins

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  1. Slice onions in 1/4 inch slices, lightly brown onion slices in butter.
  2. Combine soy sauce, onion soup mix, garlic, onions, coffee, and 4 cups water.
  3. Place roast in 4-quart casserole or Dutch oven. Add soy sauce mixture and onions. Cover tightly and bake 2 1/2 hours in a 325 degree F oven or until beef is tender.
  4. Remove roast and allow to rest 20 minutes before carving; keep broth hot.
  5. Slice roast thinly across grain; return slices to liquid.
  6. Slice french rolls lengthwise, butter and toast bread in 375 degree oven.
  7. To serve, place hot beef slices, and onions on top of bread, sprinkle with grated cheese and broil until cheese is melted. Serve open-face with meat juices poured over each sandwich or closed with a bowl of broth like French Dip Sandwich.
  8. Slow Cooker Directions: Place onions in 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 quart slow cooker and top with beef roast. Combine soy sauce, garlic, onion soup mix and 3 cups of water: omit butter. Pour over roast and cook on high for 5 hours or low for 8 hours. Finish preparation as above.

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