French Toast All Stars

“Use a star shaped cookie cutter to make these beautiful French toast stars. With their delicate orange flavor, they're sure to be the star of any breakfast table.”

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  1. 1. Place a slice of bread on a cutting board. Align a star-shaped cookie cutter in the center of the slice. Push the cookie cutter through the bread, rocking it gently back and forth. Once the cookie cutter makes it all the way through bread, remove bread outside the cutter. Hold the cutter down on the bread during this step to prevent the star from tearing. Use a sharp knife to trim any bread that lingers outside the cookie cutter. Gently remove the star from the cutter and put aside. Repeat on all slices of bread.
  2. 2. In a medium bowl, beat together eggs, whipping cream, honey, salt, cinnamon, orange zest and vanilla extract.
  3. 3. In a griddle or frying pan, melt the butter over medium high heat.
  4. 4. Dip both sides of the stars in the egg mixture and carefully transfer to the hot griddle. Brown on both sides and transfer to a warm plate while remaining stars cook. Serve hot.
  5. My Note: I was soo bored with the same old french toast. Don't be scared by the amount of honey, I started out with only 1 tbsp and after the first slice quickly added the other tablespoons They were not too sweet at all. I used light bread and half&half instead of heavy cream. They came out great. You have to cook them at a low heat because of all the honey or they will burn quickly. Definitely a keeper in my book. Our two grandsons are huge Batman fans so I used a bat-shaped cookie cutter instead of a star and they loved it! For bread, this time I used a Bread Machine Bread from this site, it had just come out of the bread maker and worked out wonderfully for this recipe. I don't know or if it's the difference in using heavy cream in place of milk as in traditional recipes, or the addition of honey, it just was a terrific recipe-unlike any I had ever had before.

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