Fresh Green Asparagus on Smoked Fish Fillets

“This is an appealing and easy little starter. We had a similar starter somewhere in France, and it was great in its simplicity. Buy the smoked fish at a deli or shop: the best would be smoked trout fillets, but smoked angelfish or salmon would be fine. I use green asparagus because we're not very fond of the white ones. Recipe serves 4.”

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  1. Arrange the smoked fish fillets on serving plates, cover with foil, and put in a warming oven to just warm through.
  2. Peel any tough skin off the ends of the asparagus, and cut off hard ends.
  3. Neatly cut off the tips, about 1 1/2 inches long.
  4. Boil a pot of water, just enough for the asparagus stalks to cook. Add the salt and the pinch of sugar.
  5. Cook the stalks until very tender (test for doneness). Keep the water on the stove.
  6. Transfer the asparagus to a blender or processor, using a slotted spoon, and puree until smooth.
  7. Scrape out puree with a spatula into a small saucepan, turn up the heat, and whisk in the butter piece by piece. Pull of heat but don't let it get cold.
  8. Cook the asparagus tips in the same water until they're crisp-tender - a few minutes only. Drain and keep.
  9. Take the warmed plates of smoked fish from the oven, spoon over the asparagus butter, and divide the asparagus tops between the 4 plates.
  10. Sprinkle with nutmeg, and serve.

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