“i have been making this recipe for years for family parties and everyone asks for more. this is an easy recipe that is even better if you make it a day ahead. i use my food processor now but i used to use my handheld chopper and that worked great also. i make a big batch of this stuff at a time, but you can easily cut it back if need be. this will make a big mixing bowl size amount of salsa.”
1 large mixing bowl

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. i just cut everything into half or so then toss into the food processor in bits. the first half of the tomatoes and spices i pretty much liquify so i can get the onions and peppers and cilantro chopped small. then i chop the second half of the tomatoes bigger by pulsing them in the processor which give the chunk to the salsa. after everything is mixed and in the bowl i add my salt, pepper, lime, tomato sauce, garlic, jalepeno juice, and salsa seasoning packets. let this set for a couple hours or over night. the longer it sets the better the flavors all come together. i like to make it 2 days before a party to be sure it tastes its best.

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