“I eat some variation on this salad nearly every day for as long as tomatoes are in season. I love the crazy variety of tomatoes you can find at farmers markets in the summer. On alot of the hot, humid nights this summer, the version of this with bread was my entire dinner. (A word of warning though - making this with grocery store winter tomatoes will result in intense disappointment - I wouldn't even try it.)”

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  1. I slice the tomatoes into as many slices as possible with the wide blade of my V-slicer, then quarter the slices and add them to a bowl. Same for the cucumber.
  2. Then I switch to the thin blade, and very thinly slice the onions into half moons, and cut the slices into small pieces.
  3. Then I toss the whole salad together, portion it out, add very thin slices of the mozarella, grind on some black pepper, drizzle on some of your favorite vinaigrette, and maybe add some roughly chopped chives or basil.
  4. Another great way to serve this is to toast some slices of cheese bread (try my recipe #138924), rub both sides with a cut garlic clove, then mound the tomato mixture on top. Lay very thin slices of the mozarella on top, and broil for a minute or two. Garnish with shredded basil and freshly ground black pepper.

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