“i created this recipe for a great alternative to regular egg on toast ,my wife loves this so much calls it her favourie breakfast but if she would have her own way would eat for lunch and supper to.not for he calorie counting folks out there.great served with bacon /sausage and hash browns.always use a non stick pan otherwise recipee will stick and break apart”
4 slices

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  1. push out a hole in each slice of bread approx 1 inch in diameter in the middle of each slice.
  2. spread margarine onto 1 side of bread.
  3. place approx 1/4 cup margarine in frying pan and heat over medium heat till hot.
  4. add bread and middle pieces to pan dry side down making sure slices are coated with melted margarine and cook till medium brown in colour.
  5. turn over and cook the same as before.flip slices and 1 egg into each hole of bread.
  6. add a pinch of salt and pepper to the top of egg and continue cooking.
  7. check under bread once you see the bread turn a crispy brown flip slices and cook till eggs are done to your liking.
  8. once done flip eggs back over add a little sharp cheese to bread but not over the eggs.
  9. cover with lid furn down heat and once cheese is melted appro 45 seconds serve.

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