Frozen Vanilla Yogurt Ice Cream (Low Fat)

“I have been making ice cream and frozen yogurt for years. The recipe makes up smooth, rich and suprisingly, freezes very well. I have a very hard time keeping my paws out of the vanilla yogurt before it goes into the canister. I usually keep my canister in the freezer in preparation for those times when I want to use it. The ice cream is not as labour intensive as custard type ice cream and yogurt based ice creams are lower in calories so easier on the waist. My machine is the "crack style", so it really impresses my guests when I make it up in front of them. The instructions for Yogurt Cheese can be found at #38422. The yogurt is yummy as is....wonderful over granola in the mornings!! This recipe works well with a fruit sauce, but do not add the vanilla if using with a chocolate sauce. The preparation and chilling time is an approximate.”

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  1. Drain yogurt according to instructions. This can take up to 3 hours for a medium thick yogurt. (save the strained liquids -- they can be used for cooking rice).
  2. Combine rest of ingredients and add to ice cream maker. (Note:This recipe can be made up ahead of time and chilled up to a week to this point).

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