“I detest any type of bug or fly in my house, so when I saw a newscast regarding fruit flies, my interest perked up quite quickly! (I am the one that runs after everyone to close the screen doors!!) They lay their eggs in and amoungst ripe fruit....so one way to deter this is by washing your fruit right away and storing in the fridge. Obviously....your chances of getting hords of fruit flies are greater if you have fruit trees on your property!! Sorry for you...but this application will definately help relieve you of this burden!!”
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Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 piece fruit (or a piece of fruit peel, any type)
  • plastic wrap


  1. Place a little piece of fruit in a bowl and double cover with some Saran Wrap.
  2. With a knife, poke two small holes in the wrap and leave it on the counter for 5 - 7 days (or basically until you can't stand looking at it any more).
  3. Discard the fruit (prefereably outside!) and repeat.

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