“Do you like garlic bread? but it has so much butter in it you can only get it once for christmas and once for thanksgiving. My recipe has more calories than a typical bagel; but it has way less butter than garlic bread and isn't to bad. But it is not healthy like bagels tend to be- it is still fattening; but not as much so.”
8 large bagels

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  1. Start boiling 8 cups of water for cooking the bagels before baking.
  2. Try to get it to boiling point around the time you're finished preparing the bagels. Make sure you've got 5 inches depth to allow room for bagels to cook.
  3. Around the time you start boiling the bagels preheat the oven to 400 degrees so it will be ready when you've finished.
  4. Mix warm water, yeast, sugar into a bowl and wait five minutes for yeast to grow.
  5. Mix egg, garlic powder, melted butter (not to hot don't kill the yeast) and garlic salt in another bowl.
  6. Add mix the two bowls together into one.
  7. Add flour and mix it until nice and firm like bread.
  8. If dough is nice and firm like bread set it out on a floured clean surface and let it rise for at least 5 minutes.
  9. Lift bagels off of floured surface and place them into the boiling water to cook. They should float to the surface at first because the water is clean. But as more and more bagels are boiled they'll stop rising.
  10. Just cook all bagels to the same consistency as the first ones or about 2 minutes that floated to the top. Remember if the water is too shallow they'll stick to the bottom and you'll have to use a spatula to lift them off the bottom.
  11. Spray cooking spray onto a baking sheet lightly and put the bagels that finished cooking onto them. Once you've finished boiling all you bagels spray the top of the bagels lightly with cooking spray to keep them from being tough.
  12. Bagels are tough naturally so you don't want them to get any tougher. Some of the toughness comes from boiling the bagel.
  13. Cook at 400 degrees for 20 - 25 minutes.
  14. Butter the bagels if the flavor is weak and heat to melt butter.
  15. Brownie bagels is a similar alternate recipe - use 1/2 Tablespoon of baking cocoa - don't use garlic powder or any garlic salt and the recipe is almost identical to this recipe.

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