“This freezes and reheats very well. My son likes it in his thermos for lunch. I usually use whole wheat pasta.”

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  1. Cook pasta according to package directions.
  2. While pasta cooks, melt butter over low heat in a saucepan.
  3. Add garlic and minced onion.
  4. Add the flour and cook and stir until smooth.
  5. Gradually add the milk, whisking the whole time. When the sauce has thickened, stir in the cheese, bouillon granules and herb.
  6. Stir until cheese melts.
  7. You can package this two ways for the freezer:
  8. Place pasta in one baggie and sauce in another and place them both in one larger baggie. Seal and freeze. OR.
  9. Mix them together and package in single serving or meal sized portions. (this is what I do)
  10. To serve: Thaw in fridge or microwave thaw. Heat on stovetop or in microwave until warmed through and bubbly. Add a little bit of chicken broth when reheating to keep it creamy. If reheating the whole recipe it will need between 1/2 cup to 1 cup. Just check to make sure it stays moist and creamy.

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