“requested by heather feather from a gooseberry patch cookbook. cook time and prep time are estimated as i have not personally made it(yet!!!)”

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  1. remove and discard sausage casings.
  2. brown in skillet till crumbled.
  3. drain sausage, reserving 1 tablespoon drippings.
  4. cook onion and garlic in drippings till tender.
  5. stir in sausage, red peppers and wine.
  6. bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook about 5 minutes to let most of the liquid evaporate.
  7. meanwhile,cook spinach according to package;drain and squeeze out excess liquid with paper towels.
  8. combine spinach,ricotta,salt,pepper,and egg.
  9. stir well.
  10. spread 1 cup alfredo sauce in bottom of 13x9 baking pan.
  11. top with 4 lasagna noodles.
  12. top with half of spinach/cheese mixand half of sausage mix.
  13. place 4 slices mozzarella on top and repeat layers.
  14. top with remaining 4 lasagna nooddles and mozzarella slices.
  15. spread remaining alfredo sauce over cheese and noodles;sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
  16. cover and bake at 350 degreesfor 1 hour.
  17. uncover during last 15 minutes to brown.
  18. let stand 15 minutes before serving.
  19. (note:can be made ahead----prepare and cover overnight in fridge. let stand at room temp for 30 minutes before baking.).

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