“Pan roast pasta grlico”

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  1. Cooking the pasta:.
  2. I prefer Angle Hair pasta multi grain (use what you like).
  3. Use a 2 quart kettle and fill about 3/4 water.
  4. Add a splash of olive oil (extra virgin preferred).
  5. Add a sprinkle of sea salt.
  6. Bring to a boil and add pasta (about 1/2 lb.
  7. Cook till done usually when most of the water is absorbed (I do not recommend al dente).
  8. Strain the pasta thoroughly running cold water through the pasta to blanch it.
  9. When you are finished draining it, drain it some more (get dry).
  10. Prepare the rue:.
  11. Use a large (BIG) fry pan.
  12. Cover the bottom of the pan with extra virgin olive oil (don't be stingy).
  13. Put the pan on the stove (low heat) till oil is warm.
  14. Add minced garlic (the kind in the jar). Use enough to cover the oil.
  15. Add sun dried tomato's (the kind in the jar not the ones in a bag), about 20 of them.
  16. Add dice tomato's (strain and dry the tomato's before you add them), one can (14.5 ounce).
  17. Add Optional splash of Red Wine ( I Prefer Carlo Rossi Sangria).
  18. Turn up the heat (to hot) and pan roast the mix.
  19. Adding the Pasta:.
  20. When the garlic is golden brown it's time to add the pasta.
  21. Lower the heat to (not so hot) introduce the pasta a little at a time.
  22. Stir the pasta in as you go making sure you are covering it with the rue.
  23. NOTE: do not add pasta if you can no longer coat it with the rue.
  24. If you have extra pasta (throw it out).
  25. Stir and cook, Stir and cook, Stir and cook (about 15 minutes).
  26. Your done.
  27. Serving:.
  28. Serve right from the fry pan.
  29. Place on a pasta tray and serve.
  30. Put it in a covered oven dish and keep it warm. Then serve.
  31. Store it in the fridge (it tastes even better the next day).
  33. I like this dish with sea food.
  34. You can plate the pasta then dish fish or shrimp over the top.
  35. Cod fish is a nice enhancement.
  36. I don't recommend introducing meat to the recipe.
  37. Serve it on the side of a one inch thick porterhouse is a good thing.

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