German Easter Eggs (Ostereier)

“Thought I would share this simple, old-fashioned method for beautiful bright and shiny colored Easter eggs. My mother and German Oma made Easter Eggs this way, ever since I can remember. The eggs can be dyed with store-bought dyes or by boiling the eggs with natural substances such as onion skin, tea, beetroot juice, spinach, nettle roots and leaves, alder or oak bark. Vinegar added to the water makes the colors brighter, and rubbing with either bacon fat or salad oil produces a shine.”
12 colored Easter Eggs

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 12 hardboiled egg, colored (we dye them in mugs of boiling water with store-bought dye, with a little vinegar added to the water)
  • bacon grease or salad oil, for rubbing


  1. When hardboiled colored eggs are completely cool and dry, rub them with bacon fat or a little vegetable oil, to produce a nice shine.
  2. Arrange them in an attractive basket or platter lined with green Easter "grass".
  3. Keep eggs cool until it's time for the Easter Egg Hunt.

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