Ginger Pineapple Jello Mold

“This is lovely with a nice ham dinner. Don't use fresh pineapple or fresh ginger - the enzymes will prevent the gelatin from setting. And for a summer variation: I added one heaping cup of blueberries to the mix when I added the pineapple (left out the ground ginger), yummy! **and ingredients/directions slightly changed to address the consistency issue mentioned by reviewer - it should set better in a mold now!”
5hrs 20mins

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  1. Drain pineapple, reserving juice in a measuring cup.
  2. Stir boiling water into gelatin in large bowl at least 2 minutes until completely dissolved.
  3. Add ginger ale to the reserved pineapple juice making about 1 to 1 1/4 cup of liquid. Stir the ground ginger into this liquid.
  4. Stir the reserved pineapple juice, ginger ale & ginger into the jello.
  5. Refrigerate about 1 1/4 hours or until slightly thickened (consistency of unbeaten egg whites).
  6. Stir in pineapple (& blueberries if doing summer variation!). Pour into a 5-cup mold.
  7. Refrigerate 4 hours or until firm. Unmold.

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