“Found this recipe on againstallgrain.com while looking for wheat-free alternatives for tortillas that contain ingredients that don't spike your blood-sugar. I haven't tried them yet, but they look awesome from the photo on the site.”
8 street-style tacos

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 6 egg whites or 177.44 ml egg white
  • 59.16 ml coconut flour
  • 59.16 ml almond milk
  • 2.46 ml sea salt
  • 2.46 ml ground cumin
  • 2.46 ml chili powder
  • 1.23 ml garlic salt


  1. Mix all of the tortilla ingredients in a small bowl.
  2. Let the batter sit for 10 minutes so the coconut flour can soak up some of the moisture, and then whisk again. The batter should be runnier than that of pancakes, about the same as a crepe batter.
  3. Heat a cast iron or non-stick skillet over medium high heat and spray with olive oil or melted butter.
  4. Pour the batter into the pan in a circular motion, making the tortilla about the size of a pancake.
  5. Give the pan a little turn with your wrist a few times to help the batter spread out evenly and into a thin layer. Keeping the tortillas thin and small helps to make sure the egg taste doesn’t overpower the tacos.
  6. Let the tortilla cook on the first side for about a minute until it starts to firm up. There won’t be air bubbles like when you’re cooking a pancake.
  7. Loosen the sides with a spatula then slide it under and flip the tortilla over. If you can’t get your spatula under, try cooking it just a little longer.
  8. Cook on the second side for 30 seconds, then remove and set aside on a plate.
  9. Continue cooking the remaining batter, spraying the pan in between.

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