Gnocchi With Spinach and Garlic

“This is a great recipe that my grandmother used to make often because it was so easy and so tasty! I usually double the batch because the leftovers are so much better after the flavors have melded. You would serve this like a spaghetti and sauce so the amount of sauce you use depends on if you like a heavy amount sauce and light noodles. Also, be sure to modify the amount of oil used if necessary for diet needs. We tend to use a bit more than most because we love how it blends with the other ingredients. The ingredients in this recipe are easy to modify for personal taste without it affecting the overall dish. For our family, I don't usually season. The garlic is enough for us. Enjoy!”

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  1. In frying pan, heat oil and saute garlic over medium heat until slightly cooked.
  2. Add spinach and saute, cooking about 10 minutes until spinach is heated through, stirring occasionally.
  3. Add pasta sauce and seasoning if desired to spinach and garlic and heat through, stirring occasionally.
  4. Cook gnocci in boiling water about 4 minutes or according to package directions and drain.
  5. Serve sauce over gnocci.
  6. NOTE: You can use as much or as little pasta sauce in the spinach mixture as you'd like according to taste.

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