“I saw this online and knew I had to keep this recipe safe. In case you’re not familiar with Goo Gone, it’s an oily liquid that’s really helpful in getting rid of sticky residue (like getting a label off a jar) and can also be used for deeper cleaning where an oily grime or film has built up on a surface. It may seem contradictory to clean something sticky with an oil, but one of the basic tenets of chemistry – Like Dissolves Like.”

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  1. Combine the vegetable oil and the baking soda in a small bowl. It will be a somewhat thin mixture but not as thin as the real Goo Gone.
  2. Dip the edge of a piece of paper toweling in the mixture and then rub over the sticky stuff you are trying to remove. Keep doing this as needed. It will probably take a couple applications, but it gets to a point where the sticky gunk starts releasing and rolling off.
  3. Finish up by washing the item in warm soapy water.
  4. This makes a small batch, but with using a ratio or one part vegetable oil with two parts baking soda, you may make as small or as large of a batch as you need.

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