“This dish exists because I couldn't find out what the greens in Gormeh Sabzi (a Persian Stew) are. Thanks to the internet I do know now, but meanwhile I turned it into a dish that I actually prefer to the real thing. And this is it. :-)”

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  1. I marinated a small joint of Lamb (about 650g) in a paste of the first 4 ingredients.
  2. At the same time I soaked 100g dry kidney beans in cold water.
  3. Leave both overnight. (The Lamb covered with clingfilm in the fridge ;-).
  4. The lamb doesn't have to be marinated at all. I just felt like it last night. Also Lamb chops work really well or indeed any other cut. The idea is that it is stewed very slowly and the greens and beans combine to create an amazing flavour.
  5. However if it isnt marinated with the garlic, then garlic needs to be added to the other ingredients.
  6. I started with the beans, which I cooked in the soaking water for about 30 minutes. So not quite done yet. They will finish off in the stew.
  7. Next brown the meat in a pan then place it into a casserole dish.
  8. In the same pan sweat the onions gently and add the Kale until it wilts a little.
  9. Add this to the Lamb and then also add the beans and whole potatos.
  10. Deglaze the pan with some stock and add that and about as much stock to just barely cover the greens.
  11. Then cover with the lid and cook in a low oven (150 degrees) for 3 hours. Oh and if adding the dried lime, um well you know what to do. Put it in as well :-).
  12. Traditionally it is served with Rice, but because i have added some nice big new Potatos I don't feel that it needs any Rice as well.

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