“After trying many of the posted white bread recipes, I adjusted, settled on mine and love this one. My grandkids are always asking for Grampa's bread.”
4hrs 30mins
5 60 buns-5 lvs.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Scald milk (Watch it carefully as it will overflow quickly as it reaches boiling point).
  2. Pour into large (huge) mixing bowl.
  3. Add shortening (break it up into smaller pieces), sugar, and salt and wait for the shortening to melt.
  4. While it is still hot, add the water to cool it down some. Wait for the temperature to cool until it feels warm to the touch. (If it is too hot you will kill the yeast). Add yeast.
  5. Allow yeast to activate for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Begin adding flour. Stir it in until it gets too thick to stir and add more working it in by hand.
  7. Dump unto clean surface and continue adding flour. Knead for an additional 10 minutes. until dough feels more elastic.
  8. Wash bowl and grease it with more shortening. Allow to rise until at least double in size. Punch it down and allow to rise again.
  9. After it has risen a second time it may be formed into rolls, buns or loaves.

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