“Love my Mother's rolls. They just take a lot of love and work to make. All the Women in my family will make from time to time but not OFTEN ENOUGH! So grandpa "BUMPA" is going to start a new tradition after Thanksgiving! Turkey left over POT PIES made in a special 4 loaf pan, probably selling at theNorthside Winter Market (NSWM)! Successful? I will get 3 results or answers - yes, no, maybe.”

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  1. microwave milk, sugar, salt and margarine until melted and cool.
  2. add yeast to warm water, stir until dissolved.
  3. beat eggs, add to milk mixture, add yeast to milk mixture and mix all well.
  4. add mixture to 3 C flour, beat lots and lots and lots.
  5. add another 1 1/2 C flour to mixture, mix well, will be very stiff.
  6. put 1/2 C flour on to board and knead mixture.
  7. put into large bowl coated with oil, turn over to coat all sides with oil.
  8. Option; put in refrig overnight, remove, allow to return to room temperature.
  9. let rise [3-6 hrs] punch down and make into rolls, buns, or pretzels.
  10. put onto greased sheet cover with oiled wax paper, let rise again.
  11. bake @ 400 until golden brown.
  12. Substitute 3 pound package Rhodes frozen loafs, follow pkg. instructions.

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