“This is potatoe candy without the potatoes. This was my Dad's favorite during the Christmas holidays. Sweet and yummy!”
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  1. Mix all but peanut butter together.
  2. (add more milk/ or sugar if you need. Should be like a doughy ball, but not real sticky).
  3. On wax paper, sprinkle some of the sugar on it to help if from sticking, and roll out mixture. Make it as square as possible.( I roll mine out sort thin, but again this depends on your preference).
  4. Smooth on peanut butter to desired thickness.
  5. Start on oneside, and begin rolling it up. (It will look like a large log) Put sugar on your hands and keep putting on 'log' as you roll it up to help make it easier.
  6. Take the 'log', and roll it up in wax paper, and then a kitchen hand towel (to help keep shape) and chill in the fridge (or freezer if you are in a hurry)The colder- the easier to slice.
  7. Once cold, slice as desired thickness.
  8. (put wax paper in between layers when stacking so the pieces don't stick together).
  9. Keep refridgerated until time to serve.

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