Grandpa Rondina's Meatballs and Sauce

“This was my huband's grandfather's recipe. It is always a big hit when I make this or share the recipe. Very easy to make just slow cooks all day. Please don't the long list scare you this is very easy and well worth the wait. I am posting the original recipe.”
4hrs 30mins

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  1. To prepare sauce, heat olive oil; add in garlic and brown the ground beef.
  2. Once beef is cooked through add all additional ingredients for the sauce.
  3. Simmer on low heat for at least one hour before adding meatballs.
  4. to prepare meatballs: Just mix all ingredients in large bowl until well blended.
  5. Shape into golf ball sized balls, you can stick them in the fridge until ready to add to the sauce.
  6. Once the sauce has simmered for atleast one hour drop the meatballs in carefully. They must simmer in the sauce (over low heat) for atleast 3 hours. This makes a wonderful tasting sauce.
  7. Serve over your favorite spaghetti noodle.

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