“Grape leaves stuffed with rice and beef”
5hrs 30mins

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  1. Grape leaves:
  2. wash and de-stem grape leaves.
  3. add filling to dull side.
  4. roll.
  5. Filling:
  6. wash rice.
  7. remove seeds of tomatoes, dice them, and add to rice.
  8. add one and a half of the onions, diced.
  9. slice half an onion into rings for later.
  10. add dill.
  11. add ground beef.
  12. add salt and pepper.
  13. add lemon juice.
  14. add half of the tomato sauce.
  15. Cooking:
  16. drizzle some extra virgin olive oil into casserole.
  17. add a layer of onion rings.
  18. add a layer of sliced green bell pepper.
  19. add the three chicken breasts.
  20. drizzle some tomato sauce.
  21. add some garlic cloves with the skin still on.
  22. add a layer of rolled grape leaves.
  23. drizzle more tomato sauce.
  24. add a layer of sliced green bell pepper.
  25. add more garlic.
  26. add salt and lemon.
  27. repeat layers.
  28. put a dinner plate upside down on the top of the pot.
  29. cover with lid and cook on high until boiling.
  30. reduce heat to medium and cook for at least an hour until rice is cooked.

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