“This should be enough to serve about 12 people but that just depends on how much everyone eats, and trust me they will be going for seconds lol! although you will need only about 1/2 to 3/4 cup dressing for the salad the amounts listed will give you about 1-1/2 cups, you may reduce by half is desired and also the salad may be reduced by half, use a mixture of all coloured bell peppers for a colourful presentation but do not use more than 1-1/2 cups bell peppers, plan ahead the salad needs to chill until completely cold before serving, all amounts may be adjusted to taste. I strongly suggest to make the dressing a day in advance to blend the flavors, prep time includes chilling time but is only estimated.”

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  1. To make the dressing; in a bowl whisk all dressing ingredients together until well blended (adjust salt and pepper to taste) cover and chill for at least 3 hours or 24 hours (overnight is better).
  2. For the salad; cook the couscous according to package directions; transfer to a large bowl and cool completely (using a fork break up any lumps in the couscous).
  3. When the couscous is completely cooled, mix in olives, cherry tomato halves, bell peppers, cucumber, onion, artichokes and parsley; add in 1/2 cup of the prepared Greek dressing and toss well to combine (you can add in more dressing to taste if desired).
  4. Mix in feta cheese, then season the salad with black pepper and if needed some salt.
  5. Cover and chill until completely cold.

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