Grilled Chicken With Spinach, Artichoke, Mushrooms and Tomatoes

“if you can come up with a better description name let me know. I eat this all the time at my favorite resturant. It is light and GREAT--- I eat it with mashed potaotes perfectly seasoned and steamed fresh green beans. Wish I had tried to make it a long time ago!”

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  1. season chicken breast with salt and pepper and cavendars (or use a season you like) drizzle with 1 Tbsp olive oil and let sit in refridgerator about 30 minutes to "marinate" .
  2. grill chicken on indirect heat closed grill medium heat until done.
  3. sauce: in 2 Tbsp olive olive suate onion, garlic and mushrooms until almost done.
  4. add wine and let alcohol boil off a few second or so, add stock let cook for as long as it takes chicken to cook.
  5. just before reday to serve add artichoke hearts, bring sauce back to a boil to heat through.
  6. plate chicken and throw in tomatoes and spinach stir well and ladle over chicken.
  7. serve with mashed potatoes and some steamed vegies for a great lighter meal with low fat!

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