“Here's a low carb option to satisfy your pizza craving! Use a round, 8-ball zucchini to create the round "crust." You should get about 4 "pizzas" out of one squash. If that is not available, you can use long zucchinis, but make sure you slice them lengthwise so you can grill them. I also think that if you sliced a long zucchini into rounds, you could broil them and make bite sized appetizer pizzas. I gave the instructions for pepperoni pizzas, but you can also add other toppings as desired.”

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  1. Oil the grill grates (I use a bit of oil on a paper towel), then preheat grill to medium-high. (If using a broiler, it should be reheated as well.).
  2. Cut zucchini into thick slices about 3/4 inch thick. (try to find an 8-Ball zucchini to get round slices, You can cut the zucchini into lengthwise slices, depending on what shape the zucchini is. I wouldn't use enormous zucchini with large seeds for this recipe.).
  3. Grill the zucchini 7-8 minutes, or until there are some grill marks and it's starting to be tender. (If the zucchini has a side that's slightly larger, grill that first so it will be the "top.").
  4. Remove zucchini from the grill, putting them grilled-side on a plate.
  5. Spread each slice of zucchini with about 1 T red pizza sauce.
  6. Add cheese and pepperoni.
  7. Put zucchini slices back on the grill and cook 7-8 minutes more with the grill lid closed.
  8. Check them every few minutes to see when the cheese is melted and the toppings are lightly browned, especially if you're using a broiler. If you have a gas grill where you can regulate the heat, turn it to high when you put the pizza back on.
  9. Remove zucchini pizzas from grill and serve hot.

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