“In his travels in Spain with the gypsies, Vincente Romero, the world famous flamenco dancer discovered this marvelous gypsy chicken stew. Vincente has impoved upon the quality and taste by adding green chiles.”

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  1. Note: Never boil this stew, boiling will ruin it because of the sherry will cook out but on the other hand if it’s not cooked enough, it will be bitter.
  2. Put chicken, onions, garlic, half the sherry, and the both into a large, heavy soup or Dutch oven. If the liquid isn’t enough to cover the other ingredients, add more broth or water. Cover the pot and simmer slowly for 1-1 ½ hours or until chicken is cooked.
  3. Cut chiles into chunks. Using 2 forks, tear tomatoes apart and place in large bowl with chiles and their juices, to mingle together while chicken is cooking.
  4. Remove cooked chicken and let cool enough so you can pick meat off bones. Add chiles, tomatoes, remaining sherry, salt, and chicken to the soup. Cover and simmer slowly for about an hour.
  5. Cut chunks of cheese into cubes and place in bottom of individual serving bowls. Pour stew into each bowl; the heat will melt the cheese. Serve with Flour Tortillas and a side dish of guacamole or beans.

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