Hamburgers, Tender and Moist.

“Although many folks use this method of cooking burgers, I have found that most do not...I enjoy a good home-made burger but all too often they end up being dry and hard and not very tasty...The solution simply, is water (or any liguid you would like to flavor the burger with)...”

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  1. Put hamburger and water into a mixing bowl, along with any seasonings you like --
  2. Mix together (I use my hands) --
  3. Divide into fourths, thirds, or halves, depending on how large of a burger you want --
  4. Flatten to shape the burgers (I stick 'em between two sheets of wax paper and press with my hand) --
  5. Cook the burgers just like you would normally --
  6. They will be very soft and hard to handle, so be careful placing them into the pan, or grill --
  7. GENTLY flip the burgers when you think they are about half done. They will be firmed up good by the time they are done cooking.
  8. Cook til juices run clear (for well done) but do NOT press on the burger while cooking --
  9. Works great whether cooking on a grill or the stovetop.
  10. Put the cooked burger into your favorite bun with your favorite condiments and,.
  11. Say goodbye to dry burgers forever -- .

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