“An easy way to get veggies into your diet!! I make this Chili all year long, but it is better in fall when my garden is overflowing, everything is fresh and wonderful and.... I am tired of canning. That is when I start making soups and stew for the freezer. This is low Sodium, low fat, high fiber, and has major veggies. If you substitute canned tomatoes the sodium will rise drastically. The jalapeño adds enough heat, but not an overload. If you don't like any hot, just cup back, but don't cut it out completely. This needs to simmer for at least one hour for the squash to get done. It is better the next day. This freezes well in zip-lock bags. This makes about 26 cups. The serving size is 1 cup. If you have a extra helping it won't break the calorie budget. I serve this with a salad and a crusty, whole-grain bread...Enjoy!”
2hrs 20mins
26 cups

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Heat up the oil and add chicken, cubed to start cooking.
  2. Add veggies, except tomatoes and beans.
  3. Add Seasonings.
  4. Simmer until slightly soft.
  5. Add tomatoes.
  6. Simmer until slightly broken down.
  7. Add beans and simmer for about an hour.
  8. Adjust seasonings if needed.

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