Healthier Alternative Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

“I have been trying to remove the "white" in my diet as much as possible but its hard when most "healthier" foods are 2xs more expensive, I just dont get that. In my transition I needed to adjust our regular quick dinner of pizza into something I have to make on my own. I started with a basic recipe and started tweeking from there. I think that this is the final draft and I am pretty satisfied on how this crust has turned out. Try it you may like it.”
8 slices

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Mix the first 5 dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the wet ingredients and mix well until dough leaves the side of the bowl, I usually do this with a serving spoon and then a use my hands.
  2. Knead dough on a floured surface for about 5 minutes or until smooth with some elasticity.
  3. You may use it immediately by rolling it out on a 12in. pizza pan or place in a bowl and cover with a towel and let stand, if you do this punch down before rolling onto a 12in. pizza pan.
  4. Put on your desired toppings and bake at 425 for about 20-23 minutes.

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